High-Dosage Tutoring for your Schools

  • Boosts Academic attainment in math
  • Support social-emotional learning
  • Replaces math anxiety with a growth mindset
  • Designed to be easy to setup for schools
  • Safe & secure learning environment

Eliminate learning loss

Extend Students

State Test Prep

Pre Teach Topic

Working in partnership with 

NYC DoE Approved Vendor

The NYC DoE first piloted Matheka with District 14 in early 2021. Staff & students immediately observed the impact on students and within a few months, Matheka had provided 1000+ sessions to students from schools across District 14. Today Matheka works with schools across NYC and has delivered over 20,000 sessions. 

“The tutors support writing and metacognition by providing students with opportunities to show their mathematical thinking through writing.”

District Leadership Team

NYC School District 14

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1 – Target

Select which students to target for extra support

2 – Schedule

Pick a regular 45 min slot that fits around your timetable

3 – Learn

Choose an individual learning plan for each student

Flexible & affordable

We are committed to providing great value for our partner schools whilst still managing to maintain affordability.